Even ter herinnering: Vorig jaar zomer zat ik er helemaal doorheen en had het gevoel totaal geen energie meer te hebben.
Jij hebt mij toen een keer laten ervaren wat Matrix Energy kan betekenen. Nu, pas een jaar later, besef ik wat jij toen bij mij in gang hebt gezet.
Het afgelopen jaar heeft volledig in het teken gestaan van mijn persoonlijke groei en ontwikkeling. De puzzelstukjes vallen op hun plaats. Ik hoef het jou natuurlijk niet verder in woorden uit te leggen. BEDANKT ! Vanuit heel mijn hart !!!

 Liefs, M.

Hans was doing something calledMatrix Energy Healing. He told me to remove my shoes and lie on a table, thenhe placed a blanket over me to prevent me from being cold. Remember, it was 19degrees last Sunday, but he said I would need it. Yeah, whatever, mate. He toldme to close my eyes and say nothing. I could sense him walking around me, butthat was all.
I then felt his fingertips lightly pressing on my shoulder, for what was maybea minute. Then nothing, I had no idea of the time line of this, I sort ofdrifted as I wondered what on earth was going on.

Then it felt as though I was standing next to afridge with the door open as a chill went right through me, enough to make meshiver. Ok, now he had my attention, this was weird, but a nice weird. Thenwarmth went down my entire arm, and then it became unpleasant. Not painful, butit felt like I had fifty kilos strapped to my biceps and that it was beingdragged towards the floor. It made me wince quite a bit. Yet nothing wastouching me. I mean it, not a thing was close to me. The treatment lasted Ithink maybe thirty minutes.

Hans told me to just lie still and he asked mea few questions about my past. Well, I am normally very private and tell nobodyanything about my life, past or present. But to him I just blurted out theanswers, some of which were extremely personal. It got to me emotionally. Healso ‘guessed’ some of my mental blocks and he was spot on, too! Finally hestated that these blocks I have, are also a cause to my shoulder problems, fromwhich I have suffered for three years in total. I sat up and felt exhausted.Also I felt as though I was on a high. I can’t describe it any better thanthat. When I left his puppetry table, I looked back and thanked him, notlaughing this time, but I was impressed. I had no idea what he did to mescientifically, but I got a leaflet that said it had something to do withMeridian lines that encircle the Earth and our bodies.

Thanks, N.